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  1. The prices which are given in the price list do not include VAT.
  2. The costing within 15 minutes regards the translation of editable files (MS Office files) and popular language pairs (Polish-English, -German, -Russian, -Ukrainian). In other cases, we put every effort into preparing the offer within 30 minutes.
  3. The offer concerning website translation is prepared after downloading the site and the time needed to download it does not depend on Translax.
  4. We serve business Clients – B2B. We do not offer translation services to individual consumers.
  5. We begin working on the order within 24 hours after receiving a scan of the signed order form – regards working days. We reserve the right to start working on a project which has been ordered between Friday and Sunday on the following Monday.
  6. The cost and delivery time are determined individually between the Client and the Office. It takes place through an order form delivered to the Client along with the costing.
  7. The detailed description of the offered item or service is available in the notice/email/costing form.
  8. By cancelling the order (after starting work on the project) the Client is obliged to pay for the part of work that has been already done. The payment complies with the cost agreed upon while making an order and it is based on the given work (progress in carrying out the order).
  9. The agreement between the Client and Translax is valid for the duration of the ordered work.
  10. The price for all non-standard work is determined individually and the Client is informed about potential additional costs.
  11. The Client must contact Translax to determine the deadline for the project before the conclusion of the agreement.
  12. In case of translating audio material, manuscript, software, video, multimedia or other non-standard formats, an additional charge will be made. The Client will be informed about this additional charge before the conclusion of the agreement between the Client and Translax.
  13. Using our services (of any form) means acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and Translax’s Privacy Policy.
  14. We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy at any time and without any notification.
  15. In case of respite for payment which is used in B2B sales, failure to meet the deadline shall result in a reminder via email or phone call and waiting for the payment (or and confirmation of payment) for the number of calendar days determined in the reminder. After this term, we hand the case over to the debt collection department and the costs for debt collection actions shall be incurred by the debtor.
  16. Complaints can be submitted in written form (via post or courier etc.) – the complaint should be sent to the following address:

Nowogrodzka 50/515
00-695 Warsaw
VAT-UE: PL9671197862


I. General Provisions

  1. Translax Translation Office provides the services according to the highest standards and practices generally accepted in the translation market.
  2. Translax provides translation services following the terms specified in “Commercial conditions” and “Price offer”.
  3. The generally binding provisions of law shall govern any matters not regulated in the relevant documents.

II. Regulations for placing order

  1. Based on the materials provided by the Client, Translax prepares an individual costing.
  2. Before Translax starts working on the project, the Client is obliged to submit a signed costing, which is the condition for starting any further work.
  3. By signing the costing, the Client confirms acknowledgement and acceptance of: “Commercial conditions”.

III. The conditions for providing translation

  1. A standard page of a non-certified translation comprises 250 words or 1800 characters including spaces. Following the act, one page of a certified translation shall consist of 1125 characters with spaces of the translated text rounded up to the whole page.
  2. The minimum accounting rate is one page.
  3. The lead time does not include the day of receiving and forwarding the translation or Sundays and public holidays.
  4. A translation realised on the day of receiving the text and a translation on the following day is an express translation.
  5. The deadline for finishing the project is counted starting with the next day after Translax receives an individual costing signed by the Client.
  6. Finished translations shall be sent via the Internet. At your request, they shall be ready for collection in the Translax office on a specified day.
  7. There is a possibility of delivering the translation via a courier according to the selected (suggested by Translax) carrier’s price list.
  8. The document given to the Client includes additionally (on request) a printout (1 copy) and an electronic medium containing the finished translation.
  9. Sending a translation via fax, email or courier – we do not take responsibility for any delays resulting from telecommunication noise or for the courier’s delivery time.
  10. All persons assigned by Translax to perform a translation signed a confidentiality agreement concerning the content of the translated texts and statements, the text of the materials received, and the information obtained. The content of the confidentiality agreement will be made available to the Client upon request.
  11. Translax may realise the order on different conditions to the ones specified in “Commercial conditions”. Establishing separate conditions takes place in a written form, in a separate contract.
  12. Suppose the files delivered by the Client include more pages for translation than were specified and accepted by the Client in the primary offer. In that case, additional files shall be subjected to separate costing and estimation.
  13. Translax reserves the right to refuse to fulfil the order (providing the reasons for so doing).

IV. The conditions for providing certified translation

  1. The rules for providing certified translation services are regulated by the ordinance of the Minister of Justice. At present, a page of such a translation comprises 1125 characters.
  2. A ready certified translation (1 copy) can be collected only in written form at Translax (we can send a scan for review upon request) or sent to the Client by registered (priority) mail at the price of the translation or by courier service for an additional fee following the carrier’s price list. Additional copies of the translation will be charged at 100% of the translation rate.
  3. Different conditions for providing translations apply to certified translations.

V. Other provisions

  1. In the case of express translations or large-volume orders from new Clients, additional detailed conditions regarding the execution of the work and payment (advance payment/prepayment) may be agreed.
  2. The following conditions regard the so-called “raw translations” which need to be revised and edited before use.
  3. Before making payment, the Client must check if the translation is consistent with the materials provided to Translax before making them available to third parties. Using the translation – in any way (e.g. implementation, publication, etc.) – before making payment shall be considered as acceptance of the translation without any reservations.
  4. The Client gains copyright regarding the translation immediately after paying the whole amount based on the invoice issued by Translax.
  5. Any claims regarding services provided by Translax shall be settled by Translax without additional payment as soon as they are put forward within two weeks after receiving the work by the Client. Translax shall settle claims made after this term according to the price rates amounting to 50% of the rate of the given service.
  6. Claims regarding written translation with errors as defined by the Civil Code shall be corrected without any extra payment within one year since delivering the finished translation to the Client.
  7. The amount of compensation for any damage incurred in connection with the processing of the order by Translax is limited to the net remuneration (excluding VAT) due to Translax for the processing of the order.
  8. Translax always has a third-party insurance policy (OC) for translation offices for PLN 1,000,000. A scan of the policy will be made available upon the Client’s request.
  9. Translax is not liable for damages regarding translations realised as express translations. Any Client putting an order for an express translation accepts the risk of flaws in such translations. Notwithstanding the liability for damages, once the mistakes are reported, Translax shall correct them immediately under point 6 above.

VI. Rules for remuneration payment and covering costs

  1. The Client is obliged to pay for the service within 14 days from receiving the invoice or following any individual arrangement.
  2. Prices for a given service present in the offers include value-added tax (VAT). If VAT is not charged in the offer, it will be added – 23%. For intra-Community transactions and Clients with an active VAT-EU number, VAT tax is 0%.
  3. If the Client stops the project (also as a result of not providing the files for translation after accepting the offer), the Client is obliged to pay Translax remuneration for the work actually done, if more than 50% of the project has been done. If the Client withdraws from the project before the majority of the work has been done by Translax Translation Office, the Client shall pay a minimum fee, i.e. 50% of the amount stated in the quotation. The Client is not charged if they cancel the translation within 60 minutes since delivering signed costing.
  4. Transfer details: Translax, account number: PL28114020040000310267293980 (mBank) or

VII. Change of regulations concerning Principles of Cooperation

  1. Translax reserves the right to make changes to “Trade terms”. The Client shall be informed about the changes by letter, fax or email. The changes shall also be available in the form of a quotation.
  2. If the Client places an order or signs the quotation after receiving the changes, it shall be deemed to have accepted the new cooperation terms.
  3. Trade terms are generally available and the changes enter into force immediately after their introduction however they do not have a retroactive effect.

VIII. Jurisdiction

  1. In case of any disputes, Torun (Poland) shall be the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

TRANSLAX reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy. The present Privacy Policy applies to every TRANSLAX Client and user of the websites owned by TRANSLAX.

Any changes introduced do not influence the basic rule: TRANSLAX does not sell or make available to third parties any personal or address details of Clients/Users of TRANSLAX websites.

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not visit TRANSLAX websites, subscribe to our mailing list, purchase our products or use services offered by TRANSLAX.


While using our websites you may be asked to give us some of your personal data by filling in the form or in another way. Data for which you can be asked is, in the majority of cases, your first name and email address. Filling in the form, you will be asked to provide additional personal data.

We require only data that is necessary for the proper website operation. If you do not provide the data, the activity which requires them shall be blocked.


Subscribing TRANSLAX’S free e-magazines requires providing your first name and email address on the proper form or granting your consent in another written form (e.g. email message). These fields are required.
The data obtained in this way is added to the mailing list. The email address is necessary to send an email message to the reader.


Ordering services and products offered by TRANSLAX requires providing more detailed address data on the appropriate form. The required fields are indicated.


TRANSLAX reserves the right to send unannounced messages to people whose personal data is stored by the company and who have agreed to our Privacy Policy.
By the term “unannounced messages”, TRANSLAX means information directly concerning the company’s websites, mailings, services and products (e.g. changes, internal promotions), non-commercial letters (e.g. wishes, personal comments etc.) as well as commercial information the distribution of which was paid for by TRANSLAX clients.

Entities commissioning commercial mailings do not have access to the contact data of persons included in address lists of TRANSLAX.

Commercial information is filtered to the extent possible, its volume is limited and it is circulated sporadically.


Some areas of web pages of TRANSLAX may use cookies, meaning small text files sent to your computer for identification necessary to simplify or discontinue a given operation.
Cookies are harmless to your computer, you and your data.
The cookies shall not work unless the browser accepts them and refrains from deleting them from your computer.


The privacy policy shall not govern web pages or companies whose contact data is disclosed on websites and mailings not owned by TRANSLAX.
Should you have any questions, send a message to:


TRANSLAX and the editorial board of other websites owned by TRANSLAX do not assume responsibility for the advertisements published. The Client should be careful while responding to the ad, or for example while transferring money. Although we pay considerable attention to verify the reliability of the advertisers who publish their advertisements on the websites, we cannot assume responsibility for their deeds. The address data and details of an offer of each advertiser may be acknowledged as reliable only upon their publication. You can find sales regulations on

By contacting TRANSLAX via email or leaving your email address during a chat with an operator, you agree to us sending our offer to your email address. This consent is indispensable for us to send to you, for example, a quotation which you have ordered. You have the right to view, correct and delete your data. Thus email messages with a disposition regarding such actions shall not be considered as an agreement.


Date of effect: 15.06.2016

Once you give us your text to translate, you also entrust us with priceless information concerning strategies, new products or business plans. Translax Translation Office realises how much trust you put in us. Hence we guarantee the best data protection and confidentiality.

The information included in the materials is covered by professional secrecy and we do not make them available to unauthorised persons.

We ensure data security and confidentiality of information by:

  • applying modern solutions and IT security systems,
  • archiving translations,
  • staff training within the scope of safety and document safe storage,
  • confidentiality clause – translators and the rest of our employees are obliged, under pain of contractual penalties, to keep confidential all information provided by the Client and the information concerning services delivered to the Client.
  • observance of the procedures for protection of personal data and business secrets.

Data and information security is our priority at every stage of project realisation.

Should you have any questions:

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