Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by our Clients:

    Deadline depends on the type of text, its subject area, length and file format that has been sent by the Client.

    If you need prompt realisation of an order, we offer express translation. Within a few hours we will translate any number of pages. Translax Translation Agency does not surcharge for express translations.

    The Agency meets the set deadlines. Owing to the proper work organisation, CAT tools and employees’ professionalism, our translations are of the highest quality and made as quickly as possible.

    In Translax every text that has been translated may be sent to a native speaker for proofreading. Proofreading is not included in the price of translation and requires a separate offer.

    Upon your request, we can proofread a text that was translated by another company’s translator.

    We make every effort to provide translations that are precise and solid. Our employees use CAT tools which facilitate the process of translation. The speed of execution of an order depends on several factors including format and quality of the source text, its subject area and auxiliary materials. A translator translates approximately 8-10 pages per day. In case of a large project, there is a possibility of creating a team of translators, which can significantly increase the speed of the whole process.

    If you need prompt realisation of a project, you can order an express translation. Translax Translation Agency does not surcharge for express translations.